Spotlight on long COVID as millions spent on research

Australians suffering long-term impacts from COVID-19 could soon receive answers as the government spends nearly $15 million to research the enigmatic symptoms.

Though many people who catch COVID-19 recover within a few weeks, some continue to experience symptoms for much longer – this is a chronic condition known as long COVID.

It can affect almost every part of the body through extreme fatigue, muscle pain, reduced appetite, sleep problems and a host of other issues.

But there is no specific treatment and it is not always clear how long it can affect individuals.

In a bid to improve Australia’s understanding of long COVID, the federal government will invest $14.5 million in research grants from a broader $50 million commitment that will generate better evidence on effective management of the condition within the community.

It will investigate how people experience long COVID, impacts on health systems, causes and national trials to try to fast-track therapies.

Health Minister Mark Butler said the government recognised the impacts of long COVID.

“Long COVID is an emerging health issue, both in Australia and internationally,” he said.

Up to $28 million will be spent over the next two years on a second grant opportunity that ensures health systems can meet the needs of people living with long COVID.


Kat Wong
(Australian Associated Press)


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